Tru-Cut mills are manufactured by a small family owned and operated business in Kentucky, Coblentz Fabrication. Originally started about 15 years ago, Tru-Cut manufactured many sizes of sawmills including smaller hobby mills. When the current owners acquired the business about 5 years ago production of smaller mills ceased. The current Owner Melvin Coblentz wanted to concentrate on building wide sawmills of the highest value. Combined with local machine and fabrication shops, Coblentz specializes in building wide-cut bandmills and equipment to cut and finish live edge slabs, long timbers for timber framing, crane mat timbers, and for oversized log breakdown. Coblentz Fabrication has put a lot of effort into designing and building cost-effective and well-built mills with track options for maximum versatility. Tru-Cut mills are in operation across the country cutting hardwoods and softwoods. Tru-Cut mills are the ideal choice to convert high-value logs into quality masterpieces.

Slab Surfacers were added in 2019 to complement the mills by allowing rapid finishing of raw slabs. A deep cut version of the wide mills has been announced for 2020 to facilitate quartering of large logs. Each mill is personally checked by Melvin before leaving the factory. Every effort is made to ensure that the mills are built to the highest quality standards. Customer feedback is welcome and often leads to further refinement of the mills. Research and development is an ongoing effort to provide customers with equipment designed to meet and exceed their needs.

Here are a few areas on our mills where we have added value, these features are normally only available on large commercial mills.

  • Chrome cylinder rods with wiper seals and bronze bushings for smooth up and down maintence-free head movement.
  • High-quality stress relieved machined and balanced bandwheels with heavy-duty bearing hub system.
  • Hardened casters and guide wheels
  • All-around heavy-duty mill construction

4 Reasons
to Own a Tru-Cut Mill

From the first weld on your Mill to the delivery, we know you will be happy with the quality and features of your new Tru-Cut Mill.

We intend to earn your busines and want you to be a customer for years to come.



From the ground up Tru-Cut Mills are built with strength, precision and pride – It’s our comitment!



Tru-Cut Mills are designed with the functionality needed to give you the power to get the job done



We Service what we sell. We are there to answer your questions and be there if you need us.



When you build the best, standing behind what you build is easy. Our equipment has a solid Warranty.