Resources for your TRU-CUT equipment


TRU-CUT has parts available such as Rollers, Band Wheels, Bearings, Bed Extensions, Engines & Motors and much more! 

TRU-CUT Blades

Band Blades can be purchased by the blade or in quantities at a discount. 

Surfacer Bits/Disks

Replacement Bits and Sander Disks are in stock and available from your Dealer...

TRU-CUT Bandmill Blades

At the 2019 PBS our blades cut through 25 nails (note the multiple stains on the slab) while making 3 foot wide slabs and kept going! When the blade was removed for inspection 5 slabs had been made, all flat, with the first 3 containing from 5 to 25 nails of various sizes. If you want this type of durability in your bandmill blades contact for blades to fit any bandmill. Discounts available on box quantities!

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